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Parts of Florida saw their first snow in 30 years as an extreme ‘bomb cyclone’ storm continued to ravage the U.S.

The sunshine state city of Tallahassee received one tenth of an inch of the white stuff on Wednesday.

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And that meager dusting was still enough to excite young locals who had never seen it before.

Nick Dombek said his five year-old son Lucas loved his first snowfall, telling CNN: ‘We were outside for about 90 minutes.

‘I couldn’t get Lucas to come inside. I do not blame him.’

People in Florida have gone wild over a tiny bit of snow
Bradley Marshall takes his dog for a walk in Tallahassee on Wednesday morning – even the light snowfall was enough to excite locals (Picture: Getty)

Normally balmy Charleston in South Carolina, saw five inches of the white stuff – the largest snowfall in 28 years.

And Savannah also experienced a rare dusting of snow, with a rapid and rare drop in barometric pressure being credited with causing the unusual weather.

The storm saw emergencies declares across Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and Virginia, with blizzard warnings stretching from there to Canada.

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Temperatures have remained a bone-chilling 20F, freezing Niagara Falls, and making it hard for firefighters to tackle blazes.

The weather cut power for 35,000 people across Georgia, North Carolina and Virginia on Thursday.

People in Florida have gone wild over a tiny bit of snow
Children also enjoyed the rare snowfall snow in Isle of Palms, S.C. (AP)
People in Florida have gone wild over a tiny bit of snow
Michael Musgrove from Waycross, GA, said his daughters Abigail, 5, and Annabelle, 7, love dtheir first experience of snow (Picture: AP)
People in Florida have gone wild over a tiny bit of snow
Ice-crusted plants in Panama City, Florida (Picture: Getty)

It closed roads, and derailed a Miami to New York sleeper train traveling through Georgia late Wednesday, although no-one was injured.

Further north, forecasters have warned of extreme blizzards, with a foot of snow forecast for Boston, and an inch an hour expected elsewhere.

New York City also expects 55mph winds, with Mayor Bill de Blasio warning: ‘This could bring some very dangerous conditions.’

The cold has been blamed for nine deaths in recent days, including two homeless people in Houston.


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