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Mum's mummified body found in flat where daughter lived with remains for 30 years
The mummy died three decades ago during the reign of the Soviet Union (Photo: East2West News)

A Ukrainian woman spent three decades living alongside the mummified remains of her own mother, police have revealed.

Shocked investigators discovered the body after breaking into the apartment of a 77-year-old pensioner.

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The mummy is believed to be the parent of a woman who was found alive but paralysed in both legs.

Investigators found the mummy surrounded by religious icons and wearing green socks and blue shoes.

She died when the Soviet Union was still in control of the Ukraine.

Mummified body found in the flat in Mykolaiv
The mummy was founded surrounded by religious icons (Photo: East2West News)
Mummified body found in the flat in Mykolaiv
The flat she was discovered inside was filthy and messy (Photo: East2West News)

The women believed to be her daughter was found on the floor of the flat after neighbours raised the alarm.

She was said to be a recluse and lived alone in a flat in the city of Mykolaiv which had no water, gas or electricity.

A police report said: ‘In order to rescue the 77-year-old woman, officers called the rescue service which helped to break into the flat.

‘In one room on the floor was sitting a woman surrounded by rubbish.

‘The pensioner could not walk and needed urgent help.

‘An ambulance was called for her.’

‘Having checked checked other rooms, police found a mummified body of a woman.’

Mummified body found in the flat in Mykolaiv
Police made the macabre discover after neighbours raised the alarm (Photo: East2West News)
Mummified body found in the flat in Mykolaiv
The mummy’s daughter is now recovering in hospital (Photo: East2West News)

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The report continued: “The woman pensioner lived alone, and did not communicate with her neighbours.

‘She never opened her front door.

‘Despite this, neighbours tried to take care of her and left food for her on the doorstep.

‘Now the mummified body was removed from the flat and sent to forensic experts. The pensioner is now in hospital.’

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