Linda Robson has been working in showbiz for 50 years, including having starred in Birds of A Feather, and now being a regular on Loose Women.

But the actress has now revealed that one of her greatest achievements is having her head in Russell Brands lap!

Speaking to the Mirror, Linda said: “I love Russell Brand. Pauline [Quirke] had worked with him and got him to send me a photo.

“I was on Jonathan Ross with him. He put my head on his lap and was rubbing my hair. I thought Id died and gone to heaven!”

Linda continued to confess she developed a crush on the comedian – as well as crooner Michael Buble.

She said: “Hes half my age and though he looks like he needs a wash, he smells gorgeous.

“You feel invisible when you get to a certain age but he didnt make me feel invisible. Hes so lovely – and a bit naughty!

“I also got Michael Buble to give me a massage when he came to Loose Women. I went: Ere Michael! My shoulders are killing me – you wouldnt give em a rub for me would ya!'”

Linda went on to confess thereve been times where shes regretted saying something in the Loose Women green room, because the producers have heard and run with it.

She said: “There are times when I wish Id been more careful in the Loose Women green room!

“After the producers heard me saying I regretted not doing the skydive on Im A Celeb, they organised it for my 60th birthday.

“They kept changing the dates after Id geared myself up for it. I was up all night the night before, going to the toilet because I was worrying.

“When the crew said there was a chance it might get postponed again, I went No! If Im not doing it today, Im not doing it.

“The fear that day will never leave me!”

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