Record Store Day celebrates the renaissance of vinyl, but that's not the only old tech to have enjoyed a return in recent years.

Image:Vinyl has made a big comeback – but what other old tech has?

Every year, national Record Store Day brings with it the opportunity for music fans to get their hands on exclusive vinyl releases at independent stores across the country.

Abba and Bob Dylan are among the artists celebrating this time round by issuing new vinyl, while there are also re-releases from the likes of Arcade Fire, The Who and AC/DC.

Record Store Day launched in the UK in 2008 – a year after it had started in the US.

More than a quarter of the sales of the resurgent 12-inch vinyl comes from independent record shops, with 82% of sales of the best-selling album at such stores last year – Radiohead's OK Computer – coming on vinyl.

But it is not the only technology from decades gone by to have enjoyed something of a resurrection in recent years.

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