Coleen Nolan has confessed that she cant bear the thought of her older sister, Maureen, undergoing a planned facelift, for fear of anything going wrong.

The Loose Women panellist was joined by Maureen for Tuesdays installment of the daytime show. But it was set to be an emotional chat, after Maureen revealed shed be having the face-changing surgery.

After hearing the news, Coleen admitted that it was tough to bear, given the difficult times she and her sisters have already been through. Linda, Maureen and Coleens sister, is currently dealing with terminal breast cancer. Their other sister Bernie, also passed away in 2013, after battling cancer.

Live on the show, Coleen confessed, “I cant bear the thoughts of her being in pain. I cant bear the thoughts of anything going wrong in surgery, I just cant handle anything else happening to anymore of my sisters. It gives me a lump in my throat at the thought of it.”

The 53-year-old also said that she feels Maureen doesnt need the surgery, saying shes fabulous without any work.

She explained, “I think the thing for me, Ill always be proud of you – if you have a facelift or dont have a facelift, Ill always be proud of you – and theres no denying youll look fabulous.

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“Ill be sitting here saying you look fabulous. Heres my issues: everyone I meet says Your sister Maureen is so gorgeous!. I tell them your age [63] and I go, Shes had no work done. They say, She must have and I say No. Now, Ill say, Yeah, shes had a facelift. It upsets me a little bit.”

However, former singer Maureen revealed that her decision has come from feeling as though she needs to maintain her looks as she gets older.

Explaining, the 63-year-old said, “Somehow when we were working all together as children I got landed with the term the pretty one. The older you get, possibly for someone who was tagged with that, its harder for them to accept getting old. Because you count on your looks a little bit too much possibly, you feel you have to live up to that. You feel thats all you are as well. So you think, Oh Im pretty but Ive got no talent, or no personality.

She also admitted she doesnt understand why surgery has to be a big deal.

“I cant understand all the hoo-ha. Nowadays I dont think theres any stigma attached. For me its just maintenance – you maintain your car, why dont you maintain your looks?”

But little sis Coleen insisted, “I cant persuade her not to do it, its her life. I just want her to be happy, if that makes you happy. But for me, personally, nothing can make you more beautiful than the person you are already.”


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