There's not much that Loose Women panelist Nadia Sawalha won't speak about, but in her latest podcast she made a shock revelation about her marriage.

Nadia regularly opens up about marriage and family life with her husband Mark Adderley, and their two daughters Maddie, 15, and Kiki, 11 on their YouTube channel, Nadia Sawalha and Family.

But during a recent discussion with her hubby about how stressful marriage can be at times, the 53-year-old joked that their podcast named, “How To Stay Married” should be renamed to “How Soon Can the Divorce be Finalized!!!”

The mum-of-two shared a funny clip from their latest podcast, showcasing the couple – who have been married for 14-years – bickering while discussing stress within relationships.

Nadia wrote: Its definite. Were retitling the podcast “How Soon Can The Divorce Be Finalised!!” Anyone else bicker as much as we do? Please say yes just to make us feel better!!

And its clear that Mark and Nadia arent the only married couple to bicker like cat and dog, as several of the stars Twitter followers flocked to reveal their own experiences.

“All the time!!!!!!! They say couples who argue have passion because they love each other too much!” one fan wrote.

While another said: “My husband and I bicker like you. 32 years married very much. My daughter watches you both. Reminds her of us.”

A third person added: “Youre not alone there! Ive never loved someone so much,and yet be infuriated at the same time! #MyOtherHalf”.

However, some people werent so convinced their rows were a good sign, as one person commented: “No hate bickering STOP now its not good”.

And, a second said: “This is normal married couple behaviour but I dont think its doing either of you any good sharing so much of your lives on social media Nadia. I love you on Loose women but maybe your wee family need to take a break from all this exposure .x”.

But, it seems as though despite their bickering, the couple are still very clearly just as loved up as they were when they married back in 2002!

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