FLIGHT SECRETS: Cabin crew members revealed this one gross habit you should never do (Pic: GETTY STOCK IMAGE)

During a long-haul flight, many travellers might remove their footwear and roam around the cabin barefoot.

Unfortunately, walking around without any footwear can have some horrible consequences for passengers – if theyre unlucky.

Flight attendants have shared their stomach-churning experiences on Reddit to encourage passengers to avoid taking their shoes off.

And the disgusting reason why people should wear their shoes is because they often use the toilet barefoot.

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“Please do not ever walk into a toilet with bare feet”

Reddit user

One flight attendant wrote on the thread: “Please do not ever walk into a toilet with bare feet.

“I promise you, nine times out of 10, that is not water on the floor.

“The toilets are often absolutely disgusting and get deep cleaned only at the end of the route.

“For us, this could be one from side of the world to the other… imagine how lovely they are at the end of a 12-hour flight with 200 people using them.”

Barefoot traveller on a flight GETTY STOCK IMAGE

BAREFOOT: You must never roam around the cabin without shoes – especially in the toilet (Pic: GETTY STOCK IMAGE)

However, one cabin crew member shared their most horrid experience.

“Had a 21-year-old male come to the back galley, puked all over it twice, then proceeded to projectile vomit on the aircraft door before heading into the lavatory and puking again,” they revealed.

“There were two of us in onboard hazmat suits cleaning it up, while a lady demanded for a cup of water.”

And another incident spoke of the moment an elderly man accidentally “s*** the floor” and stepped in his own mess.

“Pee and poop happens, all over,” they shared on Reddit.

“I feel like I witness an accident regularly; in their seat or in the lavatory.”

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Meanwhile, we previously revealed the shocking reason why you should never order tomato juice on flights.

Andrea Song – who serves routes to Beijing, Hong Kong, Tokyo and London – claimed passengers should avoid high sodium foods.

“When flying, I also avoid this food group and advise to avoid tomato juice at all costs,” she explained.

“I say this because a Bloody Mary mix contains 12-times more sodium than a soft drink.”

Toilet in the plane GETTY STOCK IMAGE

GRIM: Flight attendants claimed that nine out of 10 times it's not water on the toilet floor (Pic: GETTY STOCK IMAGE)

Eating or drinking any foods high in sodium on flights can result to swelling in the legs, feet or ankles.

And have you ever wondered what happens when planes fly too high?

According to Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, the plane will run into difficulty if it travels any higher than 42,000ft because the air becomes thin.

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