Editorial use only Mandatory Credit: Photo by Ken McKay/ITV/REX/Shutterstock (10016962e) Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford 'This Morning' TV show, London, UK – 07 Dec 2018

Were used to seeing Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford having tiffs on This Morning, but nothing can spark a debate for a couple quite like where to spend Christmas.

And it seems this has been the case for Ruth, 58, and Eamonn 59, as they call Surrey and Belfast home respectively – despite eight years of marriage. In fact, Eamonn recently told Woman theyre yet to settle on the complicated decision.

With Eamonn being a self-confessed Scrooge and his wife loving Christmas more than Mrs Claus, were sure there were fireworks long before NYE…

All alone at Christmas?

Eamonn has always insisted his wife is Mrs Christmas while hes more than happy to sit back on the big day with a drink. Speaking to Woman in November, he 
even went as far to say shes Christmas obsessed.

He previously added, I tend to be more laid-back. But it seems one thing Eamonn isnt willing to compromise on is seeing his loved ones in Ireland – meaning the couple will need to split the festive period across more than 400 miles if they want to be together.

The pair often scrap openly with Eamonn often speaking his mind. From claiming shed put on weight to poking fun at her turkey neck.

When Woman asked Eamonn about their plans, he wasnt certain. It depends on where you see as home. To me this is Belfast, but for Ruth its Surrey, so its complicated.

Cheeky comments

As well as disagreeing with his wife on where to spend Christmas, Eamonn even asked Santa Claus live on This Morning what kind of day he was in for.

Will I be waking up to 
a lovely Christmas, Santa? Eamonn asked when Ruth was out of earshot. Santa replied, Well, youve got Ruth! Youre a lucky man. But, never one 
to refrain from making a cheeky comment, Eamonn said, Could we not make it better?

And Eamonns joking at Ruths expense has landed him on the naughty list, as Santa retorted, I think you took advantage, she got the raw end of the deal. Ouch.

Present pain

They say its the time of year for giving and receiving, but Eamonn previously branded Ruth creepy for the amount of presents she bought him for one of their first Christmases together.

He said: [After we exchanged] about four or five gifts… after my fifth gift, Ive run out of gifts and Ruth says, “Ah, Ive got some more for you.” Then she gives me the fifth gift, the sixth gift… it went on to a total of 44 gifts… It was a bit creepy.

He even went as far to say his future wife was a bit intimidating and trying to buy his love. We wouldnt be surprised if hes found a lump of coal under the tree every year since!

A Christmas miracle

But despite having such conflicting opinions when 
it comes to Christmas, Eamonn was confident theyd work it out as they always do, saying, Its always complicated but we sort it out.

And Eamonn – who has 16-year-old son Jack with Ruth – might complain about her love of the festive period, but it sounds like he really enjoys having someone else to take care of it all.

He said previously, Theres loving it and theres being addicted to it and shes OD-ed on it. Ruths the person who makes Christmas happen. Lets hope they reach an agreement and this isnt the first year they have to spend away from one another!

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