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One woman used the app, as well as Facebook, to track down a place that was very special to her late father.

Kailey Dominque, 34, from Seattle, U.S. said her dad Kevin OHearn had travelled to Ireland in 2001 and there was one town he fell in love with.

But after he died, she realised that she had never asked him where it was exactly.

After he died in July 2012 at the age of 57, Kailey knew she wanted to spread his ashes in Ireland.



She finally went on a trip this year – but she planned the trip still not knowing exactly where the place her dad had fallen in love with was.

Kailey told My dad raised me on his own from when I was two. My mum was still in my life but my dad raised me. He was the most selfless, kind, funny, brave, honest, compassionate, non judgmental man I knew.

Kailey's dad Kevin in 2001 (Picture: Kailey Dominque)

Kaileys dad Kevin in 2001 (Picture: Kailey Dominque)

He was so proud of his Irish heritage and St. Patricks Day was his favorite holiday. He went to Ireland in 2001 with two of his closest friends and it was the trip of his life. He met a man called Clinton Kiernan and his family there. It was the highlight of his trip. He couldnt believe the kindness the afforded him and what great people they are.

He talked about it a lot and i know it meant a great deal to him. I wanted to spread his ashes there knowing how much it meant to him.

The week before her trip Kailey decided she had nothing to lose by trying to track down the place that her dad loved that appeared in some of the photos.

She posted in a group called Girls Love Travel to see if anyone had any idea where it was.

The picture Kailey's dad took of Clint and his mother in 2001 (Picture: Kailey Dominque)

The picture Kaileys dad took of Clint and his mother in 2001 (Picture: Kailey Dominque)

She said: I know this is a long shot but I need your help ladies! Im going to Ireland to spread my dads ashes next week and there is a place in Ireland he fell in love with.



A man named Clint fixed his rental car, fed him, took him in and wouldnt take a dime of his money for all he did.

I have three photos of the place but no idea where in Ireland it is.

Kailey's post on Facebook (Picture: Kailey Dominque)

Kaileys post on Facebook (Picture: Kailey Dominque)

Ive tried reverse google image.

Does anyone by chance have any idea where this may be? Id love to spread his ashes there.

It meant a great deal to him. Thank you guys so much!

She shared two pictures her dad had taken of some colourful Irish streets and one of the man who had helped her dad, Clint, standing with his mum.

Mara's Tinder profile (Picture: Kailey Dominque)

Maras Tinder profile (Picture: Kailey Dominque)

Initially, she didnt have much luck but one of the ladies in the group added the pictures to her Tinder profile with a message asking her potential matches if they had any ideas.

She said: Part personal Tinder account/Part American gal pal playing detective account LOL (see photos 2,3, & 4 for reference) Do you know where those photos were taken?

A friends Dad passed and these photos of a place in Ireland he fell in love with in 2001. A man named Clint fixed his rental car, fed him, and took him in. Shed love to spread her Dads ashes there, if she can figure out where these photos were taken. Can you help?

From there, a man named Richard matched with Mara on Tinder. He recognised the place in the pictures as Kilmallock in County Limerick.

Kailey with the Kierans (Picture: Kailey Dominque)

Kailey with the Kierans (Picture: Kailey Dominque)

Kailey said: The Girls Love Travel ladies are amazing and I knew if they could help me, they would.


I posted the three photos I had from 18 years ago and asked for help.

The girls all went into detective mode and tried to help me find it. Mara went to Tinder (who wouldve thought?) and a man named Richard came forward.

Kailey spreading her dad's ashes (Picture: Kailey Dominque)

Kailey spreading her dads ashes (Picture: Kailey Dominque)

From there it was a whirlwind of activity, a woman named Mitzy came forward and said her family is from a Kilmallock and shed message them to see if they knew of Clinton. The family did indeed know Clinton and his family, the Kierans, reached out to me.

When I found it I just cried. It was emotional because I never anticipated finding the village let alone the people who made such an impact on my dad.Read More – Source