AIRING LAUNDRY: Eva Hilder was angry at the prospect of her dirty undies being on show (Pic: Devon Live WS)

A mum claims Flybe staff forced her to air her dirty laundry in public.

Eva Hilder, 25, was embarrassed at the prospect of moving her worn knickers into a transparent bag to make room in her hand luggage.

She swore as she protested about the problem, which led to employees refusing her entry at the gate.

The traveller has since described the experience as the “worst day” of her life.

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When Eva was preparing to catch a flight from Exeter to London, she was told she was carrying too much hand luggage.

As staff told her shed have to pay £50 for excess baggage, she decided to ask them for a plastic bag to put her items in.

This would allow her belongings to fit into the luggage holder at the airport.

Flybe staff complied with the travellers request, providing her with a see-through bag.

Sadly, the parent didnt find this very helpful as she was embarrassed at the thought of showing off her undies.

Devon Live WS

FLIGHT PLIGHT: Eva describes the ordeal as the 'worst day' of her life (Pic: Devon Live WS)

Frustrated by the problem, Eva admitted to muttering a swear word in earshot of airport staff.

She told Devon Live: "I thought if I emptied it into a bag then my aunt could take my case and send it to me, and when staff handed me a bag I muttered 'I can't believe I have to put my dirty knickers in a f***ing see through plastic bag'.

"The next thing I know I had four ground staff around me and one of them told me not to swear at my child, she then repeated what I had said under her breath.

"She then said to her colleagues 'don't board this lady' and when I asked why she told me I had to apologise and then they would let me fly."

flybe plane

PLANE POLICY: Flybe said they have zero tolerance for 'anti social behaviour' (Pic: FLYBE)

Even though Eva apologised, she was refused entry to the plane as employees were left feeling “highly distressed”.

The mum is appalled by this decision, claiming she posed “no threat” to staff.

Following her ordeal, the traveller was picked up from the airport by her aunt.

She recalls sobbing and being “distraught” as she had to fork out £55 for a train ticket home.

Eva added: "It was truly the worst day of my life…

“It broke my heart because my son was so upset and he just wanted to get home."

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A spokesperson for Flybe responded following the complaint.

They said: "The safety of its passengers is Flybes number one priority at all times.

"The airline therefore adopts a zero tolerance policy against any disruptive, threatening or anti-social behaviour that includes the repetitive use of abusive language, aimed towards any of its employees or third party agents who are lawfully carrying out their duties.

"Any customer exhibiting such aggrRead More – Source

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