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We couldnt have predicted that wed be writing about Love Islands Amber, newbie Chris, and whether or not pigs can swim, in one article.

But such is the nature of this wonderful show. It truly is educational, whether its teaching us what the Eagle is or making us ponder the existence of swimming pigs.

On Fridays episode new guy Chris tried to crack on with Amber by asking her about Disney princesses, calling her cool, and questioning the items on her bucket list.



One thing Amber said she really wants to do is head to the Bahamas to swim with the pigs.

Chris went a tad mansplainer and responded: Now youre just making things up. Pigs cant swim.

Amber then offered up a £10,000 bet that actually, pigs can swim.

Travel and animal photography: the swimming pigs in the bahamas exumas

Chris owes Amber £10K (Picture: Getty Images)

It looks like Chris owes her quite a bit of money, then, because Amber is correct. Pigs can swim, and they do so over in the Bahamas, specifically on the white sand beaches of the Exumas – a chain of hundreds of tiny islands and cays (one of these islands is actually up for sale at the moment, and was used to promote Fyre Festival).

People flock to Big Major Cay – also known as the Pig Beach, for clear reasons – to see the islands famous swimming pigs.

As the name suggests, these are pigs that live on the island and spend their time paddling around the water.

Swimming pigs of the Bahamas in the Out Islands of the Exumas

You can visit the beach by boat and see the pigs paddle up to greet you (Picture: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Theyre big lads. They also like to snatch food, so anyone who heads to the beach with a picnic should be careful theyre not knocked over by a hungry porker.

But theyre very friendly, and will peacefully swim with visitors and receive pats on the head.

The island is a little tricky to get to, so we see why its on Ambers bucket list.



The island isnt populated by humans, just pigs and other animals, and you have to head there by boat. There are loads of people offering guided tours, but they can be pricey, often adding on snorkeling and hanging out with nurse sharks.

The pigs live on Big Major Cay, one of the over 365 islands in Exuma, a district of the Bahamas. Also known as Pig Beach, the island is about 82 miles southeast of Nassau, and about 50 miles northwest of George Town. It is entirely uninhabited by humans.

Can pigs swim? Yes, they can (Picture: Getty Images)

But more on the pigs. Yes, they can swim perfectly well. As you sail on over the pigs will likely paddle right up to the boat to greet you. They enjoy staying in the water to remain cool (did you know that pigs cant actually sweat?) under the sun.

No one knows how the pigs ended up living on Big Major Cay. There are rumours that a man dropped some pigs in the area as an attempt to create a sustainable food supply, and that the pigs may have escaped from a boat travelling past the area.

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