Double yolker eggs

Emma Henry and her son Max witnessed something special (Picture: Emma Henry)

Finding one double-yolked egg is weird but 14 in a row is unheard of.

The odds are actually in the trillions so you could understand why mum Emma Henry was shocked when it happened to her.

She was preparing breakfast at home in Tonbridge, Kent, on Sunday when she started cracking open the eggs.

Mrs Henry said: So I cracked one egg which is normal, then I cracked another one and then went “oh my god its a double yolker” and said to Max to come and look because theyre really unusual.

Then we cracked the next one and it was the same and then the next one and then the next one and it just went on and on.

Three boxes of eggs, so 18 eggs all together. At one point I was like we have to stop cracking these eggs were never going to use them all.



Then my son Max persuaded me to carry on in the interest of scientific experiment.


Two eggs for the price of one (Picture: Emma Henry)

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A mum from Tonbridge has spoken of her shock after cracking open 14 double yolked eggs. Emma Henry, who lives with her husband and three sons, was on her way home on Saturday evening (July 15), when she popped into the supermarket. caption: Emma Henry and her son Max

Emma Henry and her son Max (Picture: BPM)

Mrs Henry had bought the eggs from Tesco, in Southborough, the previous day.

She said they were reduced on special offer so she bought loads

A single egg in every thousand on average is double-yolked, according to The British Egg Information Service.


The Tesco eggs were reduced in price (Picture: Emma Henry)


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