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Rage 2 Review: Avalanche and id’s latest is the ultimate ‘popcorn...

Rage 2 Review: Avalanche and id's latest is the ultimate 'popcorn game' – and thats o..

Video game addiction could be made an official disease

Video game addiction could be made an official disease after it was officially recognised and classi..

Gaming nearly ruined my life – how I kicked my addiction

James Good became addicted to gaming in his teens and it impacted every aspect of his life including..

Just Eat shares fall after Amazon throws $575m at Deliveroo

Just Eat shares fell eight per cent this morning after Amazon led a $575m (£450m) investment round i..

PUBG Mobile Season 7: How to update PUBG Mobile on iOS...

PSA – PUBG Mobile Season 7 and update 0.12.5 is being rolled out as we speak. It should be available..

Scientists solve mystery of Egyptian desert glass

Scientists believe they have solved the mystery regarding the origin Egyptian desert glass, fragment..

UK app that replaces teachers wins Elon Musk’s $10m

A UK nonprofit has won an Elon Musk-sponsored prize for inventing a way for children to learn to rea..

Face off: Iproov’s facial verification system lets you prove who you...

Cyber security can feel like an intractable problem. Every day there seem to be new stories about ha..

Scientists figure out new way to remove salt from water

Brine water produced by the oil and gas industry contains even more dissolved salts than ocean water..

Social media has little effect on teens, study finds

By Alexander J Martin, technology reporter Using social media has very limited effects on teenager..

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