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Ruling raises songwriter royalties from Spotify, Apple Music by 44%

Jimmy Iovine announces new Apple Music app.Megan Geuss The mechanical royalty rates from streaming—r..

New self-lubricating condoms a hit with testers

A new self-lubricating latex could drive greater use of contraceptives, according to the team of sci..

Amazon device-making factory slammed for harsh working conditions

A Chinese plant that makes devices for Amazon is being investigated after an American watchdog group..

Emergency landing for astronauts as rocket fails

A US and Russian astronaut have successfully made an emergency landing following a rocket failure on..

Facebook denies new data privacy allegations from decade-old device APIs

In a post-Cambridge Analytica world where tech giants have to be increasingly touchy when fingers ar..

Breakthrough as monkey is born from frozen testicular tissue

By Zayneb Benyoucef. news reporter A baby monkey, Grady, is the first one to be born from experime..

New electric Mercedes-Benz aiming to give Tesla a run for its...

Daimler, the owner of Mercedes-Benz, has announced that it plans to invest €500m (£437m) in its Hamb..

Chaos at Gatwick as staff handwrite flight info

Staff at Gatwick Airport have had to write information about flight departures on whiteboards after ..

RAD Preview: Double Fines Post-Apocalyptic Roguelike Is A Mutant Marvel

RAD Preview: Double Fines Post-Apocalyptic Roguelike Is A Mutant Marvel (Pic: Double Fine) You mig..

‘Login with Snapchat’ to rival Facebook

Snapchat users will soon be able to use their account on the messaging service to log in to their ot..

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