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Whitby Abbey (Picture: Neal Rylatt/Instagram)

This August and September, our Instagram page is on a road trip across the UK.

Through your pictures, were travelling across the counties and on the hunt for the best and most beautiful spots, to showcase your shareable shores and like-worthy landmarks.

So far, we have ventured around the south of England, up through Wales, the Midlands and East Anglia, and now reaching the heart of England – Yorkshire.

Here are a few of our most liked images so you can keep up.

Use #MetroRoadTrip to share your pictures for the next stage of our journey, to the north west and north east.

North Yorkshire

The ruins of Whitby Abbey on a stunning background captured here by @neal.rylatt.



South Yorkshire

Clouds dont stop adventures in the Peak District, as show here by @_ryan.morris_.

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West Yorkshire

Theres a lot of history in the Yorkshire hills and this scenic shot of the Gibson Mill is just one example, captured by @gunnlin1952.


Forget the white cliffs of Dover, we have them in the north too, as shown in this stunning shot by @anna.l.chapman.



The next stage of our #MetroRoadTrip will see us heading to the north west.

You can follow us at, where we regularly post the best pictures from London using #MetroLDN.

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